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The following is a timeline for the Lines We Cross lore, explaining what happened each day leading up to and after the outbreak.

Before the Global Outbreak

Pre-Global Outbreak
Pre-Global Outbreak
  • Reports of an infectious disease begin to spread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Several towns on the coast of the Red Sea face small, contained outbreaks.
  • The disease is overlooked by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • In a month's time, the Tabuk Province is ravaged by the disease with cases appearing in the capital city of Tabuk.
  • Saudi Arabia begins relief efforts in an attempt to understand and contain the disease.
  • Saudi Arabia announces that the disease is completely under control, allowing for international travel and tourism to continue in their capital cities of Jeddah and Riyadh.
  • Three weeks after the initial address by Saudi Arabian officials, several videos begin to appear on the internet by medical officials in Tabuk, Madinah, Jawf, Ha'il, and Qasim revealing that the state of affair was false and that infections have begun to sky-rocket into the hundreds of thousands.
  • Several Saudi Arabian dissident journalists begin coverage of these stories nation-wide.
  • Worldwide news outlet coverage begins.
  • Numerous medical officials and journalists vanish from their homes. 
  • Several infections are discovered in Riyadh and Jeddah.
  • Numerous quarantines are put in place in the city.
  • Saudi Arabia admits to having a second "resurgence" of the disease, calling on WHO and the CDC for aid. 
  • WHO (World Health Organization) arrives in the Middle East to begin relief efforts.
  • WHO virologist, Dr. Charles LaSalle names the disease as "Cortoraso Ossificans" or Corto Virus.
  • Worldwide news outlets begin to report on the disease ravaging rural Middle Eastern communities.
  • Saudi Arabian military begins to remove terminal patients from quarantines across Riyadh and Jeddah.
  • Saudi Arabian officials put out an order for corpses to be burnt after death to prevent further spread of the disease.
  • One hundred and three days before the global outbreak, Cortoraso Ossificans begins to reanimate corpses. This information is withheld from the general public by Government officials.

After the Global Outbreak

Day 0-10+

Outbreak Beginning
Day 0 / Day 2
  • For one hundred and four days a mysterious disease baffles scientists who try to understand and contain it.
  • The Global Outbreak begins.
  • The media reports its first few incidents of the Corto Virus in the United States of America in both California and New York.
  • Saudi Arabia suspends non-essential air-travel to and from the country, entering complete lockdown.
  • WHO (World Health Organization) releases an "International Disaster Emergency Response" memorandum, instructing health officials on how to dispose of the remains of the infected. The memo calls for the removal of a deceased individual if efforts to restore life are unsuccessful within five (5) minutes.
  • Cases of the Corto Virus begin to appear in the United Kingdom, Germany, and China.
  • The European Union closes its borders after infections spread throughout Germany.
  • Peace-Corps are deployed in Germany in order to combat the Corto Virus.
  • The Canadian Government cut off both sea and air travel in the wake of the Corto Virus spreading throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and the United States.
  • Canada reportedly continues to be free of the Corto Virus.
  • The Canadian Government has a state of address, Prime Minister Stephen Harper vows that every effort will be made to keep Canadia free of the Corto Virus and that funding will begin on a vaccine for the disease.
Day 3
  • The Canadian Government begins preparations for the appearance of the Corto Virus in their borders by supplying hospitals with excess masks, gloves, and other required medical equipment.
  • Reports of grisly murders begin to surface in the Harlem and Grand Concourse areas of New York and Oakland, Californa. They do not make national news and are chalked up to gang violence.
  • Footage from the Middle East and Germany begins to leak onto the Dark Web, depicting disturbing scenes of mass hysteria, riots, murders and public lynching of those believed to be infected by the Corto Virus.
  • China suspends all air-travel to and from the country as infections begin to sky-rocket in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Chengdu.
  • The United Kingdom suspends all air-travel to and from the country following the discovery of infections in Wales and Northern Ireland. 
  • Missing person reports begin to spread throughout both New York and California.
  • All non-essential businesses are closed across New York and California.
  • Over 600 members of the United States National Guard are activated across California and New York as quarantines begin to appear.
  • The government begins distributing masks to prevent further spread of the Corto Virus in light of reports of flu-like symptoms. 
  • France begins to prepare for potential Corto Virus infections.
The onset of the Global Outbreak (Day 4)
  • The Corto Virus spreads across the United States of America, cases beginning to appear in each State.
  • Cases of the Corto Virus begin to pour in from various states across the United States of America with the most infections being in; New York, California, Flordia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and Oregon.
  • North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, Idaho, and Wisconsin remain Corto Virus-free. 
  • Reports of disappearances begin to sky-rocket throughout the more downtrodden areas of the United States of America. 
  • The U.S. Patient Zero reportedly enters critical condition four days after her initial infection.
  • The United States of America struggles with supply and demand for gloves, masks and medical equipment resulting in numerous healthcare workers and National Guard elements being exposed to potentially infected individuals. 
  • France is left under-equipped and under-prepared as a sudden spur of Corto Virus infections leaves the country in complete and total chaos. 
Day 5
  • The world begins to collapse with reports of Corto Virus sweeping across every major country.
  • Joachim Gauck, the president of Germany is diagnosed with Corto Virus.
  • Large-scale riots begin to break out in major cities.
  • Footage begins to leak on the internet from the Middle East depicting the Saudi Arabian military shooting and killing people on the streets only to ignite their corpses. 
  • Canada remains Corto Virus-free after making efforts to prepare for the disease.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper denounces Saudi Arabia and makes the claim that they hid the virus from the rest of the world. 
  • Canada positions military elements at its borders to prevent the spread of the Corto Virus from the neighboring United States of America and Denmark.
  • Graphic footage begins to leak on the internet from Germany of a man breaking his mandatory stay-at-home curfew. This video follows a young man exploring the dead streets of Bonn in the middle of the night, at about the thirty-minute mark into the over two-hour long video, he comes across a coven of homeless people. He speaks with an older man who explains that a resident of the coven has contracted the virus, about fifteen minutes later panic begins to break out, men, women, and children flee from the camp. In the video, a few frames in portrait mode are captured of a man with severe deformities to his torso and arms with them being contorted in unnatural ways with his teeth sinched into a young woman's nape. The video abruptly ends after thirty minutes of running with the camera facing the ground.
  • German news outlets are the first to cover the incident, denouncing the video as unrelated to the Corto Virus and being a byproduct of extreme drug-use.
  • Worldwide news outlets begin coverage on the incident with reactions being universally mixed; certain stations make the claim that with how little the CDC and WHO actually know about the Corto Virus that this could be a mutation, or a more severe symptom while others discredit it and agree that it was most likely a byproduct of drug use.
  • Several YouTubers cover the story, with results also being mixed; most urge people to follow the stay-at-home orders and practice good hygiene while other far-right conspiracy theorists link it to biblical means and blame Obama for the state of the country while urging viewers to prepare for a more violent crisis.
  • An outbreak occurs at Bellarmine University's dorms. This information is withheld from the general public by Government and state officials (Mini-Lore Start, Season 1).
Day 6+
  • Xi Jinping, the President of China is diagnosed with Corto Virus. 
  • Reports of recently deceased patients regaining a heartbeat and "rising from the dead" begin to spread worldwide.
  • The Canadian Government announces a shoot-on-sight order on any and all infectees arriving at their borders.
  • Chaos erupts across the United States of America with fatalities rising to the dozens as a result of riots, mass-shootings, and attacks by infected individuals.
  • The outbreak at Bellarmine University is cleared as all students are killed, captured, or infected after attempting to escape through the sewers. (Mini-Lore End, Season 1)
  • Law and order begin to break down and infrastructure collapses.
  • All communication from Germany ceases. 
  • The United Kingdom evacuates lead officials to undisclosed secure locations.
  • François Hollande, the President of France is diagnosed with Corto Virus. 
  • French officials call for immediate military aid in rural towns as violence, robbery, and looting sky-rockets.
  • Over 300,000 members of the U.S. National Guard are activated to enforce law and order across the United States of America.
  • The U.S. National Guard begins an operation to eliminate any and all patients displaying the late-stages of the Corto Virus in an effort to control the building numbers of violent infected individuals.
  • Civilians are called into quarantined safe-zones in National Guard controlled neighborhoods as cities are overwhelmed with violence from rioters, looters, and infectees.
  • President Barack Obama addresses U.S. Citizens and invokes the Insurrection Act sending numerous United States Military elements into cities across America.
  • Healthcare workers and various members of the United States National Guard are diagnosed with Corto Virus and are thought to have spread it to countless others in the chain of command as a result of improper amounts of protection. 
  • Plans for the evacuation of non-infected individuals from hot zones begin.
  • Dr. Charles LaSalle appears on numerous news broadcasts across America discussing his experiences with the Corto Virus in the Middle East, explaining that many of these symptoms were not evident during his initial time spent there and suggests that this may have been a mutation or that Saudi Arabian officials were hiding the true severity of the disease from him and other members of his team. He urges citizens to avoid any and call contact with freshly turned individuals and to make way to evacuation centers ending with one controversial statement; "I understand the desire to protect your loved ones under any and all circumstances, but if you have contracted this disease, you are already dead."
Day 8+
  • As the number of infected individuals increases, numerous groups of survivors flock to the United States National Guard and other military elements for protection.
  • An evacuation order is placed into effect with numerous posts being set up in urban areas.
  • U.S. States begin to go dark, these include; New York, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. 
  • Numerous police officers and National Guardsmen begin to abandon their units in the dead of night to find their families.
  • Morale within the U.S. Military elements reaches an all-time low.
  • The Canadian Government announces its first cases of Corto Virus in Southern Ontario. 
  • ( ! ) Three mandatory military pick-up zones are placed in Muldraugh, Kentucky. Numerous survivors arrive to be taken to the evacuation center at a stadium in Louisville, Kentucky. (Discord Prelude Start)
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Day 15+
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  • ( ! ) Unrevealed.  (Lore Start, Season 1)
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