Forum Rules

General Rules


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Sexual Content

Content such as sexual imagery should be kept off the forums. There are no NSFW locations as far as imagery on the forums. If you wish to post imagery that is considered NSFW, do so in the NSFW channel on the discord server.

If this is in regards to an IC story, keep the descriptive nature to somewhere around PG-13 or so. You can explain the nature of the story without graphic details.

Special Rules

Hate Comments

OOC Hate Commentary

 Comments, posts, videos or anything else targeted against any persons, groups, etc that are intended in a hateful or hurtful manner or perceived as such are against the rules. 

AGN does not tolerate hatred against any groups of people of this kind in this community. There does not need to be a warning on this for offenses. If you are caught doing this, you will likely be banned, the extent of which depends on the severity of what was posted. The punishment shall be up to the discretion of the admin team and may or may not reflect punishments given to others for similar actions. There is no "fairness" when being punished for something such as this. 

IC Hate Commentry 

When done in line with a character in an IC post, hate comments shall be allowed within reason. However, this must still be done in a respectful manner and not go overboard. If the admin team feels that you have, they will contact you privately. If any post made reflects a point of view like this, it MUST include a line at the top saying that the post is an IC post so that it is clear that the post is through the "eyes" of the character. 

Hate Comments outside the direct community

If it comes to the attention of the admin team that comments that fall outside our community guidelines have been found made by a player outside the community, they may still be punished. Their actions also reflect our community and our community will cut all ties to people who reflect negatively in this extreme manner if need be.

Server Rules